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Physician’s Resource The physician’s psychoactive medication resource guide 25% of your patients taking an antidepressant will have weight gain and the weight gain is directly caused by the antidepressant.
Haldol Haldol is an antipsychotic medication generally prescribed for the long term care of  antipsychotic therapy. Caution should be used prescribing this medication. Haldol can cause psychotic behavior  and hallucinations. Haldol should never be taken within 14 days of antidepressant usage.   If you just reread the above paragraphs twice, you read correctly. It can and does cause  the same psychotic reactions it is prescribed to treat. The most common side effect experienced by patients in clinical trials with HALDOL were  extrapyramidial reactions (EPS), a syndrome involving involuntary facial, arm, leg and  body movements. In most cases, these reactions were usually mild to moderately severe  and usually reversible. The side effects of HALDOL Decanoate 100 and HALDOL  Decanoate 50 are those of oral HALDOL. The prolonged action of HALDOL Decanoate  100 and HALDOL Decanoate 50 should be considered in the management of side  effects. If you are taking Haldol or thinking of taking Haldol and you are wondering about the side  effects or the potential of side effects with using Haldol, there is something you need to  know. There is a way to predict adverse reactions with a very simple test.   Dr. Lester M. Crawford, Acting FDA Commissioner had this to say about this test on Dec.  24, 2004. “Physicians can use the genetic information from this test to prevent harmful  drug interactions and to assure drugs are used optimally, which in some cases will enable  patients to avoid less effective or potentially harmful treatment choices.”  DRUGS AND FOODS TO AVOID:  Ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking any other medicine, including over-the-  counter products.  · Make sure your doctor knows if you are also taking lithium, seizure medicine, sedatives,  sleeping pills, narcotic pain-killers, muscle relaxants, cold or allergy medicine, or  methyldopa (Aldomet®, Aldoril®). · Avoid drinking alcohol while using this medicine.  WARNINGS:  · If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor before taking this medicine.  · Before using this medicine, make sure your doctor knows if you have heart or lung  disease, a seizure disorder (epilepsy), an enlarged prostate, glaucoma, trouble urinating,  Parkinson's disease, depression, or an allergy to tartrazine or aspirin.  · This medicine may make you more sensitive to sunlight and heat. Avoid sunlamps, hot  tubs, tanning beds, and saunas. Take care not to get overheated during exercise or  outdoor activity. Use a sunscreen when outdoors.  · There is a risk of having tardive dyskinesia (TAR-div dis-ken-EE-zha) while taking this  medicine. This causes uncontrollable muscle movements. Discuss this risk with your  doctor. SIDE EFFECTS  Call your doctor right away if you have any of these side effects:  · Unexplained fever or muscle stiffness  · Fast, slow, or irregular heartbeat  · Movements or tremors in the face, neck, jaw or eyes that you cannot control  · Yellowing of eyes or skin · Skin rash   If you have problems with these less serious side effects, talk with your doctor.  · Trouble sleeping, restlessness  · Drowsiness, depression, or headache  · Hallucinations or confusion  · Irregular menstrual periods  · Dry mouth  · Nausea, vomiting, or constipation